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Robert Noland

Robert Noland spent ten years as a touring musician, songwriter, and producer in Christian music. After leaving the road, he became the Director of Operations of an international ministry producing Christian resources, managing all aspects of the organization for twenty years. During that season, he and his family planted three churches with Robert being the lay-pastor of the third for nine years.
In 1991 he began writing Christian resources and has since authored one hundred-plus devotionals, study guides, journals, and books spanning across children, youth, and adult audiences.

Robert and his family relocated from Texas to Nashville in 2011 to launch his own ministry. In 2014, he became a full-time freelance author and writer represented by WTA Media. Since that time, Robert has worked with authors such as Bart Millard (MercyMe), Rudy Perez (mainstream music producer), Barry Zito (MLB pitcher), Don Moen (renowned worship leader), and penned multiple projects in coordination with faith films such as “I Can Only Imagine”, “An Interview With God”, and “I Still Believe.”

In 2018, Robert partnered with iDisciple Publishing where he released the best-selling men’s devotional “The Sword & Shield” and “Believe, Become, Be: Becoming the Man God Believes You Can Be” with more titles slated for release.
After forty years in ministry, Robert’s calling has always been to present the Gospel through all forms of artistic media. He lives in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife of 35 years and has two adult sons, both musicians. Visit

Author Books

Believe Become Be

What if God told you He believes in you? How might that divine affirmation affect your daily battle between your faith and your flesh? What if your Heavenly Father said He believes you can lead a life of purity, truth, righteousness, and be a man after His heart?

God not only has a uniquely designed plan and purpose for your life, but wants to walk beside you as His adopted son, moment-by-moment offering His Spirit to change, transform, and walk in His will and His ways.

The Sword and Shield

The Sword & Shield Men’s Devotional is a 40-day journey designed to encourage, inspire, and challenge men to be leaders for Christ in their families, workplaces, and circles of influence.

The goal for the Sword & Shield Men’s Devotional is two-fold: Offer relevant, transferable principles of spiritual growth to men, and develop a daily time spent with God to form an on-going habit past the forty days.

Legacy of Leaders

Legacy of Leaders: A 40-Day Journey with the Men of God’s Word walks through forty stories in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, from pillars of the faith like Abraham and David to the easily missed like Shamgar and Joseph (Jesus’ dad). Whether your first or thousandth time through these ageless accounts of men who encountered God, Scripture reveals that He did not choose super-heroes, but rather broken men the world often ignored and overlooked.