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Karen Sawrey

Award-winning designer, illustrator, author and lover of all things paper and ink, Karen Sawrey is passionate about creating connection with God and people. By engaging with a visual generation in creative ways, she helps people see and digest information not only to inspire but to equip. Karen has over 25 years experience stretching across a wide range of media, including top magazines, global charities and publishers including HarperCollins, Hodder & Stoughton and Penguin Random House. Having worked in central London, she now continues to flourish as a creative amongst the Northern Hills, loving print, people and life to the full.


Who Is God? Infographic Cards


Explore God’s story and then connect through meditation & conversation.

The Infographic Bible collection celebrates beauty and faith. Believing the Bible is one of the key places we encounter God and His heart for a relationship with us, bringing nourishment and wholeness.

These cards are an invitation to explore the theme of ‘Who is God?’ using infographics on five different subjects about God and His story: The Nature & Character of God, God The Father, God The Son, God The Spirit and God’s Restoration Story.

For individual or group connection.

May you enjoy this journey of true connection.